A List of the Most Annoying Things About Macbooks, Ipads, and Apple Operating System


Apple Inc. ? Why are ya’ll like this? 

Us techonology junkies are always itching for the next best thing… but are these Macbook Pro and Macbook Air updates really improving or are they just taking away more of the conveniences of laptops, slapping a beautiful packaging around basically the same shit we already had, and upping the price?

I know any hardcore tech person has HAD to have noticed at least half of these things. Don’t leave me out here on the internet alone.

  1. Maple Summers

    What the fuck, Apple?? Why did the connector I needed to continue plugging in my external hard drive cost $100?? I gotta spend more money for less convenience? This slim, aestheically pleasing Macbook should have more holes in the sides and I cannot be convinced otherwise because now I have to make a special effort to always remember to bring the USB port becuase you really never know when you'll need it. 

  2. Maple Summers

    Look at that Macbook on a countdown to explosion. You only need to restart your Mackbook 87 times before it will ACTUALLY update and it'll never just TELL you why the update isn't happening "automatically" like it's been set to do since the first time you turned your new Macbook on. 

  3. Maple Summers

    Every goddamn time my Macbook supposedly receives an update, the Macbook has a heart attack, wire failure, bit stones. Like... if all of the software that I use for productivity wasn't Macbook only, I'd break up with Apple and go be faithfully committed to HP once more. 

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  4. Maple Summers

    I've had multiple issues with making these so-called Macbook texting apps for Samsung function and have resort to using internet-based apps in order to have the convenience of a Qwerty keyboard beneath my fingertips to type my essay-long text messages. Inconvient af!!

  5. Maple Summers

    You try to move a file one place and suddenly there are 17 different copies conflicting with each other and your Scrivener application doesn't know which one is THE one so it makes you choose and shit, you sure as hell don't know because you depend on the COMPUTER to know where the hell you left off. But somehow, that's far too unreasonable so you just have to open up the one with the latest date on it, and obviously, that is going to be the wrong document and now you're never going to finish that novel you've already been working on for three years and you'll remain a failure for the rest of your life. This is all because your Macbook multiplies your files like bunnies saving themselves from extinction. 

    Thanks Apple, I hate it. 


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