Are There Black People Living in Knoxville, Tennessee?


Are there black people living in Knoxville? Sure, there are. I lived there for a time and saw black people sometimes… and got excited every single time for it seems that once people graduate from the University of Knoxville, aka UT Knox, the black people evaporate and move to far blacker cities that are a little…less proud about their obsession with the Confederates and their failure to keep black people in the fields.

Something about the air in Knoxville just screams, “I hate n*ggers,” which is openly broadcast by the proud waving of Confederate flags right in people’s front yards. That’s not to say that everyone in Knoxville is proud of the failures of their Klancestors, but it something you want to look out for before you decide which neighborhood to buy or rent a house in, as it will be somewhat awkward for you to sit on your porch facing a house with the Flag of the Traitors staring at you while you have your morning coffee. you recommend black people to move to Knoxville, Tennessee?

No, I don’t recommend anyone move to Knoxville, but especially not black people. Though there are some perks to living in Knoxville if you like fishing, kayaking, hiking, and being murdered in a forest never to be seen or heard from again, for people who are into more “big city” type activities, you will probably feel quite lonely living in a place that does not cherish art or culturing oneself.

In fact, most every black person that I made friends with while living in Knoxville wants to leave immediately and either does so, if possible, or wilts away in the white wasteland of Knoxville, Tennessee. It is certainly one of the most boring, uncultured places I feel that I have ever lived though, I must say again, that there are quite a lot of outdoor activities do do there.

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Knoxville’s most redeeming qualities are that is is nearby to booming and blooming cities like Nashville, Tennessee and a couple hours from Atlanta, Georgia so if you are looking for some place that is very affordable to live that is nearby big cities with a lot of museums, aquariums, zoos, dance clubs, and etc., then Knoxville is not the most horrible place ever to live for that convenience and its lower cost of living.

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