Going to Paris was one of my dreams as an artist/dancer/writer who just never seemed to be able to give up the addiction that is creativity, so, naturally, when I was introduced to the idea of studying art and dance during my last semester of college, I had to do it. So I did. That was four years ago and the semester abroad changed me in many ways by forcing me to adapt to a place that was far different from any place I'd ever lived before, with a new language, and a different culture. I was traveling internationally for the

There are tons of things that can happen while you are traveling. I say this, not to scare you or put you off from booking that ticket to that magical island or secret dream place you've always wanted to go, but to help make traveling feel like more of a real thing, rather than just a dream. Perhaps you've been seeing your adventurous friend post pictures of them going mountain climbing in Japan or jumping off of water falls in the Bahamas. There are all sorts of exciting, if challenging (and downright scary!) things that you can do while traveling,

I think I was about 21 the first time I had heard of hostels. One of the new friends I made during my study abroad trip to Paris came up with the idea of going to Barcelona, Spain for our spring break. She came up with the flight costs, our travel plans, where we would stay, and activities. The only thing I had to do was pay, so how could I say no to such a sweet arrangement? Obviously, I couldn't. Now, as I hope it goes with any new adventure, you discover new things and have experiences that you could

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