Explore The Most Pedestrian-Friendly Neighborhoods in Memphis, Tennessee

  1. 1 Downtown Memphis

    Downtown Memphis is a popular area for people who want to park and go see a lot of historical sites of Memphis, Tennessee. There's also a trolley that goes through that can be ridden and the neighborhood itself is filled with little ice cream parlors, pizza places, and bars,

    The famous Beale Street is also located in this area and is a long street lined with bars, restuarants, and live-music venues. There are also outdoor areas with picnic tables to sit and listen to blues music. 

  2. 2 Midtown Memphis

    An area filled with beautiful parks, small businesses, craft shops, and family-owned restaurants, Midtown Memphis is the most bike-friendly part of Memphis, Tennessee. Depending on where you live or stay during your visit, the Memphis Zoo can also be within walking or biking distance. It is one of the most well-designed zoos in the United States and is filled with evergreen bamboos that are used often to feed the zoo animals. 

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    Overton Park is also in Midtown and during the summer hosts wonderful, outdoor concerts centered around an outdoor stage in which people gather for evening and night time picnics. These events are usually frequented by food truck vendors so tacos, ice cream, and burgers can be bought to accompany your live music and night time hangouts.

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