There are tons of things that can happen while you are traveling. I say this, not to scare you or put you off from booking that ticket to that magical island or secret dream place you've always wanted to go, but to help make traveling feel like more of a real thing, rather than just a dream. Perhaps you've been seeing your adventurous friend post pictures of them going mountain climbing in Japan or jumping off of water falls in the Bahamas. There are all sorts of exciting, if challenging (and downright scary!) things that you can do while traveling,

Do you need to learn French in order to live in Paris? Nope. Nope. Nope, but let me tell you why you should. I speak French at a conversational level and hardly used it. I did this by either not talking to people, or somehow being approached by 80% of the English speaking people in Paris.  Now, I will say that speaking French does open up a lot more spaces for you and allows you to feel more comfortable in the country. You will get a more immersive experience the more French that you do speak. But, like I was saying

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