Going to Paris was one of my dreams as an artist/dancer/writer who just never seemed to be able to give up the addiction that is creativity, so, naturally, when I was introduced to the idea of studying art and dance during my last semester of college, I had to do it. So I did. That was four years ago and the semester abroad changed me in many ways by forcing me to adapt to a place that was far different from any place I'd ever lived before, with a new language, and a different culture. I was traveling internationally for the

Do you need to learn French in order to live in Paris? Nope. Nope. Nope, but let me tell you why you should. I speak French at a conversational level and hardly used it. I did this by either not talking to people, or somehow being approached by 80% of the English speaking people in Paris.  Now, I will say that speaking French does open up a lot more spaces for you and allows you to feel more comfortable in the country. You will get a more immersive experience the more French that you do speak. But, like I was saying

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