The Best Memphis Brunch Spots For Delicious Food and Good Drinks

The Best Memphis Brunch Spots For Delicious Food and Good Drinks

The best thing about Memphis, Tennessee is not the neverending summers or the way everyone has yards and the neighbors all know each other. No, no, the best thing about Memphis, Tennessee is the food. The southern cooking meets creative minds to present the city with food combinations that you may have never thought would work, while also, somehow reminding you of mama’s homecooking from a long ago time of childhood when things were simple and sweet.

Here is an evergrowing list of Memphis restaurants with banging brunch menus and fabulous drinks to wash your meals down with.

  1. 1 Sage

    Located in Downtown Memphis, I've never had a bad meal here. It is a black-owned restaurant with one of the most fabulous interior designs I have seen in an eating establishment. When you walk in the doors, you know for certain that you have arrived some place fabulous.

    The food is wonderful, and of course, they have french toast on the menu. As it is a favorite, it is not too often that I end up at her brunch spot that doesn't have french toast. Sage also offers a lot of other things, including Bloody Marys, bacon and grits, and creative brunch meals with a Memphis flair. That includes brunch items made with greens and grits and not just wonderful gritbowls. 

  2. 2 Southern Social

    The place with the fancy french toast. That's how we always remember the Southern Social. It's a more upscale restaurant with a weekend brunch and everything is a la carte. This is definitely not the place to show up for a casual meal as you will be extremely out of place in anything less than your Sunday best. People literally show up here post visit with Christ to have a meal. Amen.

    Absolutely anything you can possibly try in Southern Social is guaranteed to be delicious, but do not come here when you are stressed for cash because you will be even broker when you leave, and you also won't be able to get the full experience of trying a little bit of everything, and you'll certainly want to when you see what's on the menu. With that said, this is a great place for a special brunch or just any day that you really want to treat yourself to something wonderful and a bit fancy.

  3. 3 Babalu

    For those of you who like to get tipsy for brunch, the spicest, most delicious margaritas in Memphis are located at this Midtown hotspot. It's a pretty cool and casual place located within walking distance of a lot of other restaurants, bars, and nightspots, or if you're more in the mood, you can even walk straight to the movies after having brunch. Its location is definitely prime and easy to access and has become a regular spot (for me) for having drinks or something interesting yet tasty and affordable. 

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    Babalu also offers a very nice outside eating area that is converted with a top for when it is cold outside. It is one of the most spacious brunch spots in Memphis and would be an excellent place to meet up with a group of friends and order a little bit of everything on the menu for an affordable, tasty, good time. 

  4. 4 Bayou Grill

    The Best Memphis Brunch Spots For Delicious Food and Good Drinks

    With friendly servers and a great location in the heart of Memphis's midtown area, Bayou Grill also offers a sweet treat not often seen around Memphis: beignets. If you are a fan, you might take a visit here just to load up on the beignets and mimosas. The food is great too if you can make it past the appetizers and leave room for a bigger meal. 

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    The Best Memphis Brunch Spots For Delicious Food and Good DrinksFrench Toast with Strawberries. Side of bacon and cheese grits.

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