Tips For Becoming A Solo Road Trip Master

When taking trips alone on the open road, here is a survival guide on how to have the best, most peaceful trip possible as you drive back and forth to and from your vacation destination.

  1. 1 Never Let Your Gas Tank Get Lower Than the Quarter Gas Tank Mark

    Come on now, do you want to end up like those folks on Wrong Turn or The Hills Have Eyes? Keep that gas tank filled with something! 

    Even if you aren't wary of being murdered by incestous, mountain people, getting stuck on the highway a long way from home is going to suck, even if you do survive. 

  2. 2 Have a Backup GPS

    If you have the same sense of direction as Christopher Columbus, this is a must-do. I don't care if it's the 21st century and we all have car chargers. Having a second GPS will help put you more at ease as having a back-up plan always does. 

  3. 3 Go Light On the Liquids

    Do you really want to be driving with a bunch of Coca-Cola jiggling around inside you? Unless you are a person who enjoys stopping 75 times on a 10 hour drive, please, restrain yourself to one bottle of whatever is it that keeps you hype and hydrated. This might mean skipping out on the coffee the day of your road trip (which, for a lot of people, is going to run through you like its doing laps in the Olympics) and "drying up" a couple hours leading up to your departure. 

  4. 4 Prepare Your Road Trip Playlists or Podcasts

    Although texting and driving is all the rage these days, it is still useful to have a few very long playlists or a back catalogue of podcasts you've been meaning to catch up on ready to go for your road trip. 

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    Some other options for on the road entertainment also include listening to audiobooks, practicing your French lessons, or doing affirmations. You'll have plenty of time alone to work on yourself and there is nothing like a good, long drive to mentally organize your life or otherwise clear your mind to become mentally prepared for your vacation. 

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  5. 5 When stopping at night or in...suspicious...locations, have someone on the phone

    Share your location with a trusted friend or family member who knows you're on the road whenever you have to stop. It also might help put you a little more at ease or ease the tension from driving to have a little chat while you're getting more snacks or going into Wal-Mart for a bathroom break. 

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