Tips for Surviving and Enjoying Road Trips With Travel Mates

Road trips can be stressful and tiring for many people and with the proper planning, you can ease some of the stress to actually make your road trip fun.


Road trips can be stressful and tiring for many people and with the proper planning, you can ease some of the stress to actually make your road trip a memorable and enjoyable experience. 

  1. 1 Pick Your Travel Mates Wisely

    Let's start with the obvious. Don't travel with people you hate, who get on your nerves, who try your patience, who pick at your sore spots, who bully you, who treat you like trash, so on and etc. 

    Although, I guess a good thing to point out for if you do make the mistake of traveling with the wrong people, there are a lot places to hide a body on the side of hundreds of miles of highway. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. 2 Avoid Discussions on Sensitive Subjects That May Cause Emotional Tension And General Violence

    I'm sure we have all been stuck in the car with someone who just doesn't seem to see those who are different from them as actual people. Whether you have the option to travel with a favored aunt who just doesn't seem to understand how her raging homophobia doesn't make her a good Christian or someone who is outrageously, mind-numbingly toxic, please, do not. 

    Leave these folks at home and make new friends. The amount of stress of driving long distances will only be amplified by being around people you wish you could drop off on the side of the highway. 

    I guess the real point of this tip is to not only know who you are traveling with adn be comfortable with them, but also don't make a point of bringing up things you know will cause tension and start fights. Things like that can happen even between the best of friends and being in close proximity for several days during your road trip will make everything that just much worse. 

  3. 3 Pack Snacks

    Being in a car all day AND being hungry? Setting yourselves up for disaster. No one is saying to not buy snacks when you stop at Wal-Mart or gas stations to refill your car, but... having something to nibble on from the very onset of your road trip really just hits different.

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    Some tips for packing snacks include:

    • Don't leave chocolate in places where it will melt
    • If you can't open it with one hand, it's not the snack for you
    • If it will give you gas, please, leave it in whatever store you found it in
  4. 4 Go Light on the Liquids

    Please, don't be that person who needs to stop to pee every 37 minutes during the road trip. Everyone will definitely hate you and it adds to your travel time every time you have to pull off the highway and find some fast food place to stop, go in, pretend you're going to order something while awkwardly avoiding eye-contact with the cashiers, and so-on, and etc. 

  5. 5 Find Music or Podcasts That You All Enjoy

    A challenging task that is well-worth the effort. Road trips can and should be bonding activities when they are for the pleasure of traveling, and even if your road trip is for business or you're moving back home from college or something with a random person you met at university who happens to live in your hometown... *coughs* ... It will be a pretty long trip if you don't find some common ground to talk about or fill the time. 

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    Or...feel free to listen to your own thoughts in silence, if you're comfortable with that. 

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