Tips For Traveling More Safely, Securely, and Happily

Priority 0 of every vacation, camping trip, or road trip is to return alive and in a single piece. A couple pieces, maybe if you're cliff-diving or doing something thrilling and on the edge.
For staying alive and happy during your travels, check out this travel survival guide.

  1. 1 Don't look like a tourist

    From other travelers, you hear these horror tales about being robbed when you're on the streets. They say thieves can pick you out as a tourist, making you easy bait, so, if you blend in with the people, this becomes far less of an issue, because you don't have that "tourist" look. Of course, this is not a situation that only happens in France. You don't want to look like a tourist anywhere. 


  2. 2 Carry everything behind zippers

    Have you ever heard of a pickpocket stealthily stealing something from a zipped purse or bag? I'm sure you haven't! Zip everything! Stock up on fanny packs or zippered purses or even mini backbacks. These are all far more difficult to steal from than hobo sacks and pockets. 

    This goes double for if you are visiting, large, crowded places where there are subways or even restaurants with close seating. The proximity of other people increases your chances of coming into contact with folks who are more than willing to victimize you and ruin your day and probably your trip. 

  3. 3 Keep Cash and Cards

    Though I would hardly ever advocate for keeping cash on hand, being that I'm not much of a cash person myself, there are still a lot of places that only accept cash, especially if you are traveling outside of America. 

    I know it's the 21st century and "everyone takes cards", but that is not the case once you leave America and having cash on hand can be the difference between you catching a cab if you find yourself lost in some weird area, and crying alone on the sidewalk with only your credit cards to comfort you.

    Also... keep them behind zippers. Let's not forget the previous rules! 

  4. 4 While Traveling Internationally, Keep A Copy Of Your Passport On You At All Times

    Look, nobody is going to take your word for it that you're an American--or whatever country's-- citizen. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are or not, what matters is what you can prove, as the lawyers say. 

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    So you need to be able to prove your citizenship at any point in the day--just in case. With that said, keep your passport in a secure location in your hotel or hostel, which also needs to be a secure place, and please, not somewhere obvious like your suitcase. 

  5. 5 On Any Sort Of Vacation Or International Travel, Please, Bring Your Walking Shoes

    Nothing will fill you with regret faster than bringing all your cute shoes and your feet start crying in the middle of the day. Besides the obvious of being more comfortable during your vacation, having shoes that are good for walking will also help keep your mood and energy elevated so that you might be more willing to stay and explore whatever country or city you're traveling in for a longer period of time. 

    There's also the benefit of saving some money by not paying for taxi or train rides and maybe opting to continue walking or renting bicycles instead. Being open, flexible, and able to participate in...most anything...during your vacation will give you a fuller, more authentic experience of wherever you may be traveling to. 

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  6. 6 If Possible, Travel With Friends

    Though there is something special and freeing about traveling solo, there's something equally as amazing about going on road trips or exotic travel destinations with your chosen family. When traveling with a friend, or even multiple friends, you'll want to go with like-minded people who like to explore new places in the way that you do. Say, if you like clubbing and dancing and doing a lot of cultural experiences, trying new foods, attending plays, and etc. then invite travel buddies along who enjoy those same things. 

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